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Frequently Asked Questions //

​​What treatments do you offer?

Medical treatment- (Leg elevation, compression stockings, anti-inflammatories and exercise)

Laser ablation – (Laser energy used to seal incompetent vein) for large varicose veins

Sclerotherapy – (vein injection) for spider veins

Removal of the incompetent values (minimally invasive) 


What are the prevention options?

Exercise regularly

Elevate your legs

Avoid prolonged standing

Wear Compression hose

Maintain a healthy weight

Eat a low sodium diet

Avoid high heels 

Change sitting or standing position often


What are the diagnosis options?

Physical exam and doppler ultrasound.


What are common causes of these conditions?

Standing for prolonged periods of time

Family history




Lack of exercise




What are common signs and sypmtoms?

Pain, aching or heaviness in the lower extremities

Skin discoloration

Visible, enlarged veins or spider veins

Redness, itching or dryness (dermatitis or eczema)

Skin Ulscers

Valve incompetency


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